Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trudi Doyle Art - New work in watercolour

 New work in watercolour 

What any true painting touches is an absence - an absence of which without the painting, we might be unaware. And that would be our loss.
― John Berger

Detail from "Conspiracy of Ravens" watercolour 

"Dreaming with Hares" watercolour by Trudi Doyle 
"The human imagination...has great difficulty in living strictly within the confines of a materialist practice or philosophy. It dreams, like a dog in its basket, of hares in the open ". John Berger

"Haroldstown Dolmen  " watercolour 

Detail from "Hare Memories - " watercolour 

"The Essence of Summer 1" watercolour 
"Bouquet Essence of Summer 3" watercolour
"Bouquet Essence of Summer 2" watercolour

"Haunted Dawn"watercolour

 " Boithrin Inisheer" 
 & "Resting Currachs Inisheer" 
watercolours by Trudi Doyle
Paintings completed en plein air during a painting holiday I organised on beautful Inisheer in the summer of 2013 - Ithey have been languishing in a folder ( with seversl others) ever since, waiting for their' moment ! They will be framed & on display in my exhibition in Butler House - Kilkenny Arts Festival 5th - 14th August 2016

Montbretia Inisheer -DETAIL
 "Wild Flower meadow  on IInisheer" watercolour

"Hare in a wild flower meadow  " watrecolour 

 For regular visitors to my Kilkenny Arts Festival  
 exhibitions I  moved from my usual space in the Club House hotel and returned to Butler House Patrick St.  for Kilkenny Arts Festval 2016. Exhibition  opened on Friday 5th August  until Sunday 14th   


Monday, April 18, 2016

Art in Tuscany Holiday Package 2017

Advance booking for Tuscany 2017

 Provisional dates August 24th to 31st 2017

Advance bookings before Feb 1st 2017 €50 off 

No Single supplment applies to all bookings 

    with artist Trudi Doyle 

 An all inclusive holiday  with like minded people in friendly La Pia hotel Montecatini  Tuscany  ?- 
If you want to visit Italy and do some sketching and painting with  expert tuition and helpful advice in a relaxed friendly atmosphere 
  Visit quiet medieval villages and  experience the beauty and mystique of  the Tuscan countryside  at a leisurly pace.  
 Bask in the Tuscan sunshine, visit Florence  and view spectacular art and architecture 
Enjoy dining on delicious freshly cooked dishes at a friendly Italian family run 

Montecatini Alta 9 Watercolour

What is included -
1.Seven nights at La Pia Hotel Montecatini - Seven  breakfast buffets and Seven delicious four course dinners with wine included  . Rooms ensuite. 
 2. Transfers to/from Pisa airport - flights are not included (-currently price of Ryanair return flight Dublin to Pisa is  only €156 -checked September 2016)
3. Half day guided tour of Montecatini historical Spa. 
4.Two full day  mini bus excursions to paint/explore in  medieval villages including the charming  and historic fortress town of Montecarlo
5. Train trip to Florence with guided tour in Ufizzi Gallery  and free time to explore this historic and beautiful city.
 6. Professional tuition and guidance to suit your requirements  from Artist Trudi Doyle  with demonstrations..
PACKAGE  -€950 
 Advance bookings before Feb 1st 2017 €50 off = €900 
  (No single supplement 
Deposit of €400 secures a place. Balance payable by July 1st 2017    

You don't need to be a painter to enjoy this lovely relaxing holiday inTuscany -all are welcome 

Provisional  Itinerary 2017
Day 1. Thursday 24th August    
Arrival at Hotel .
 Ryanair Flight  at 12.30  from Dublin  to Pisa FR 9908  arrives at 16.15.
 If you are travelling on this flight you will be met by a courier and taken to your hotel by taxi. Settle in to the hotel and  meet informally with  fellow guests and your tutor before our first freshly cooked dinner menu at the hotel.

 Day 2.  Friday 25th August -  Montecatini  -

 Breakfast at hotel    Morning -To introduce you to  Montecatini  -  We will have a guided half day tour   entrance ticket to Tettuccio spa. and welcome drink. in the historical café, situated inside the Tettuccio building.
You have the option to do some painting with me ( Trudi )  in the afternoon ( or alone )
I wil give an introduction to painting / sketching outdoors and a  Watercolour  demonstration  by the Hotel  fountain.

Delicious freshly cooked dinner menu at the hotel.

Day 3   Saturday 26th  August -  Painting in Cozzile and Colle 
 Cozzile and Colle are two beautiful medieval villages near Montecatini . Departure by taxi for Cozzile. We will spend the morning there painting, sketching or just relaxing or walking - its your choice -then travel to Colle by taxi where we have  lunch time  snack at a local cafe or restaurant. More time to paint or sketch . Fold up artist chairs provided.  The taxi will pick  us up in the  late afternoon.  Return to Montecatini for a siesta and freshen up before dinner at the hotel.
Painting this view  of Montecatini Alto 
The View 

Day 4. Sunday 27th August  Montecarlo  

Breakfast at hotel . Departure by taxi for Montecarlo  in the morning - a charming medieval village situated about 15 Km from Montecatini.
lunch al fresco at MonteCarlo 
At the fort 

Plenty of small shops and cafes, walks and interesting streets, Inspirational  views , nooks and crannies  and streetscapes .Included -At 4:00 we have  an opportunity to visit  and explore the picturesque fortress where you can also paint. .Return by Mini bus / taxi.  Dinner at the hotel.

Day 5  Monday 28th August Painting day/free day

Breakfast at hotel  Free day or optional painting  in Montecatini Alta –the historic  upper old town . A visit via cable car  with spectacular vistas and medieval streetscapes  should not be missed -  a painters paradise.
Have  lunch in one of the charming cafes in the square - your choice – continue painting / go shopping  for quirky souvenirs , browse or just relax and people-watch in the cafes 
Dinner at Hotel 

 Day 6  Tuesday  29th   August       FLORENCE 

Breakfast at hotel.   Morning Departure for beautiful Florence by train from Montecatini . The guide will be waiting for us at the train station and  will  take us to  world famous Uffizi Gallery  to providea short guided visit in the morning  to view  works by artists I have selected from the extensive collections such as  Sandro Botticelli (who gave art history tw of  its most sublime masterpiece"the Birth of Venus" and "Primavera" )   Michelangelo, Giotto, Cimabue and  Leonardo da Vinci   . 
Lunch break.-Afternoon free to do your own thing – walk around visit famous landmarks or trust your artist's instincts .... the best way to experience Florence  -a place I love to get lost in - its full to the brim of beautiful shops ,cafes and  historic buildings , 
  You can't  miss the Piazza della Signoria, which was the centre of the Florentine Republic and remains the political hub of the city. Nearby see the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) which has shops built along the length of it - once common for Italian bridges.  Visit the Duomo (cathedral), which was completed structurally in 1436 and has an elaborate green and pink façade in the 19th century gothic-revival style 
Meet up and return to Montecatini by train for the  delicious dinner menu at the hotel - choose your own time to return by train - (train tickets included )

Day 7  Wednesday  30th  Free day
   Breakfast at hotel 
Morning - Optional  Painting  in the piazza by the  Hotel fountain and Montecatini.
Afternoon free – time for yourself    -your choice - continue painting  or go shopping - or  relax  - take the opportunity to  swim or avail of curative and pampering treatments in the spa( See offers above ) 
 Dinner at the hotel 

Day 8   Thursday 31st. August  
Early Breakfast at hotel.   
Departure for Pisa airport by bus . Arrive at  Pisa airport in time to check in for Ryanair  flight 
PACKAGE €950 ($1,050  / £750 )  per person
 (No single supplement 
REDUCTION €40 ( $45 / £30)  for non painting partners/ friends / family -  Plus REDUCTION of  €50 Advance bookings before Feb 1st 2017   You don't need to be a painter to enjoy this lovely relaxing holiday inTuscany -all are welcome  

To secure a place.

 * Deposit of €400 secures a place.

 Full payment  required by July 1st 2017

Book on line via email- Pay Pal -with Credit card or if you prefer- pay by cheque in the post. 
-contact  to book  or inquire further
 or text Trudi 087 6658500 for information.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter - Its Pagan Origins

 The Anglo-Saxon Goddess of sunrise and of spring was known as Eostra or Eastre and her sacred month was Eastremonath, the Moon of Eostre.  One of the largest fertility festivals of the ancient calendar, Eostra, falls on the spring equinox when day and night are in equal balance and life has returned in profusion.

Like all the church's "moveable feasts," Easter shows it's pagan origin in a dating system based on the old lunar calendar.  The modern Christian Easter Festival derived from the original name of the month.   It is always the first Sun's Day after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.  Formerly the full moon represented the "pregnant" phrase of Eostre passing into the fertile season. The Christian festival wasn't called Easter until the Goddess's name was given to it in the late Middle Ages. The Irish observed Easter on a different date from that of the Roman church, probably the original date of the festival of Eostre, until the Roman calendar was imposed on us in 632 A.D.

Eostra and the Hare 
The Celts believed that t the hare was sacred to the White Goddess - the Earth Mother - and as such was considered to be a royal animal. It represented love, fertility and growth and was associated with the moon, dawn,death, redemption and resurrection

The moon was perhaps the most powerful symbol of birth, growth, reproduction, death and rebirth. 
The hare was endowed with similar earth-bound powers. It was believed that Eostre changed into a hare at the full Moon.

Man has for centuries respected, even feared the hare because of its perceived powers of solitude and remoteness. Active at night, symbolic of the intuitive, and the fickleness of the Moon, the hare was an emblem of unpredictability.

Like the Moon, which always changes places in the sky, hares were full of mystery and contradictions. In Celtic Myth the Celtic warrior Oisin hunted a hare and wounded it in the leg, forcing it to seek refuge in a clump of bushes. When Oisin followed it he found a door leading into the ground and he eventually emerged into a huge hall where he found a beautiful young woman sitting on a throne bleeding from a wound in her leg.
The transmigration of the soul is clearly seen in Celtic lore such as this.

Throughout the world, there are long-spoken tales of hares; from the Americas to the Far East, from Africa to Europe, the hare is embedded in the folk myths of our ancestors.

 It is associated in mythology with the Moon, the celestial skies and the Sun, with fertility, the dawn, cunning and bravery. There is evidence of hare mythology in ancient pottery, coins, seals, and hieroglyphics and in oral history. (In Egypt the hare symbolised the very essence of life itself:

 The hieroglyphic 'Wn', depicting a hare on top of a single blue-green ripple, means 'to exist'. 


Many European gods and goddesses are associated with hares:
·         Hittavainen (or Hittauanin) is the Karelian god of hares and hare-hunting
·         The hare is often depicted as a companion to Cupid and as an attribute of Aphrodite/Venus, being associated with fertility and love
·         Holda (or Herke, Harfer) of Teutonic mythology, was followed by a train of hares carrying torches
·         The Norse goddess Freyja had hare attendants
·         In Britain the hare was sacred to the moon goddess Andraste
·         The hare is associated with the Celtic goddess Cerridwen
·         Kaltes is a Moon goddess venerated by the Ugric people of western Siberia. She was a shape-shifter and often manifested as a hare
 In earliest times killing and eating the hare was taboo. In Kerry, Ireland, it is said that eating a hare was like eating your grandmother !